It’s all a Reflection of YOU!

as you see the light, others get dark;
we see the difference that we choose.

we feel apart, but can never be far;
we see more bad the better we do.

and just as space connects every star;
all is related, and a reflection of you.



Loopholes on Life

look to the cycle, not the progression

From rock ‘n roll icons to religious leaders;
From ancient philosophers to 20th century scientists;
From inventors & poets to politicians & social reformers;

The mystery of time has been revealed to us through a series of clues left behind by history’s most influential figures. It’s been easy to overlook the common theme across such an uncommon group – UNTIL NOW!

The most renowned and wise of our kind all spoke about “time”. Think about the themes you see, as the sayings from 23 of these individuals are brought together in a timely verse of their timeless words.

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Understanding how the U got int he Universe.

Loopholes on Life

What is the secret to creating & maintaining a positive, long-lasting, relationship?

All of us long for “connection”.  It is our relationships, THE connectivity, which gives meaning to our experiences and validates our existence. Some of us even strive to connect based on a perceived lack of connection!

Whether you are looking to “find love”, whether you are interested in cultivating a positive relationship at work, whether you hope to develop a more meaningful relationship with a family member or friend — the answer is ALL the same, and can be found in “Universe You.

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